Industry Visit & Expert Lecture Pharmacy Department

BITS Edu Campus will serve as an incubator of ideas and nurture an environment and provide opportunities that allow the students to interact with the professionals from the Corporate & Government sectors to explore new ideas in the context of their enterprise, visit the industries and develop insight into how they can take their companies boldly into the future. BIP has on its Board of Management, Industrialists & Entrepreneurs who have established track record of success in establishing National & Multi-National Industries, which will join in providing placements to the future pharmacist from BIP.

A recent report by Department of Education, Government of India stresses the importance of Industry-Institution collaboration. It states that “… for the improvement and further development of the system it is necessary that there is interaction between technical institutions and industry and other field organisations. There has been an awareness of the need for such interaction: creation of agencies such as Industrial Liaison Boards in the States, Co-option of Industrial representatives on the various academic bodies such as the Boards of Management, Boards of Studies etc., and the system of Visiting Professorship/guest lectures etc. has helped to an extent in breaking this ground. But much more remains to be done in this direction. This initiative so far has been with the technical education system with the industry and field organisations, unfortunately, not always showing more than lukewarm interest…”

Guest lecture organized on topic ‘Preclinical studies: Industrial Perspective’ by Dr. RishitZalawadia, Manager, SPARC, Vadodara on 23rd July 2016.

Guest lecture organized on topic “Recent Quality Techniques in Pharmaceutical Industry” by Shri S. Krishna Kumar, Associate Director, Quality,Biocon Ltd, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 27/07/2016.

Guest lecture was organized on topic“Bioenterpreneurial ecosystem in Gujarat and various grant schemes of central and state Government” by GSBTM team headed by Dr. Dr. A.N Bhadalkar, Sector Specialist,Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission & Project Coordinator,SavliBioincubator On 3rd August 2016.

Industrial visit at J.B Chemicals Ltd., Ankleshwar

Industrial visit at Bharat Parenterals Ltd., Savli

Industrial visit at Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd., Silvassa

Industrial Visit at Vasu Healthcare Ltd, GIDC, Makarpura

Industrial visit at J.B.Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ankleshwar

S. No. Name of Industry                                                                       Course Semester Date of visit
1. J.B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ankleshwar B. Pharm. VII 21.07.2018
2. Asian Lifecare Pvt. Ltd, Vadodara M. Pharm. & B. Pharm. I 11.08.2018
3. Vasu Research Centre, Vadodara M. Pharm. I 25.09.2018
4. J.B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ankleshwar B. Pharm. IV 06.04.2019
S. No. Name of Industry                                                                       Course Semester Date of visit
1. Ethicare Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Vadodara B. Pharm. III 25.07.2017
2. Asian Lifecare Pvt.Ltd, Vadodara B. Pharm. IV 23.01.2018
3. Liva Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Zydus Cadila Gr.) M. Pharm. II 07.02.2018
4. Physical research Laboratory M. Pharm. II & IV 27.02.2018
5. J.B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ankleshwar, Gujarat B. Pharm. VIII 24.03.2018
S. No. Name of Industry                                                                       Course Semester Date of visit
1. Vasu Healthcare Ltd. Vadodara B. Pharm. V & III 12.08.2016
2. J.B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ankleshwar B. Pharm. VIII 07.01.2017
3. Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Padra, Vadodara B. Pharm. IV 10.01.2017
4. ZEN Pharma Pvt. Ltd.Vapi B. Pharm. II 05.04.2017
5. Gujarat Liqui Pharma Caps Pvt Ltd. M. Pharm. II 10.04.2017
S. No. Name of Industry Course Semester Date of visit
1. West Coast Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd, Ahmedabad B. Pharm. V 20.10.2010
2. Alpha Labs B. Pharm. VII 02.06.2011
3. Vasu Healthcare Ltd B. Pharm. VII 03.06.2011
4. Vasu Healthcare Ltd B. Pharm. VII 04.06.2011
5. Divine Laboratories Pvt. Ltd B. Pharm. VII 06.06.2011
6. Divine Laboratories Pvt. Ltd B. Pharm. VII 07.06.2011
7. Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd B. Pharm. VII 07.06.2011
8. Shine Pharmaceuticals  Ltd B. Pharm. VII 23.06.2011
9. Rekvina Pharmaceuticals Ltd B. Pharm. VII 23.06.2011
10. Comed Chemicals B. Pharm. VII 24.06.2011
11. Alembic Research Centre M. Pharm. I 03.06.2011
12. Sun Pharma, Vapi B. Pharm. VI 08.10.2011
13. Hindustan Biosynth M. Pharm. II 29.02.2012
14. Alpha labs M. Pharm. II 29.02.2012
15. Divine Laboratories Pvt. Ltd M. Pharm. II 02.03.2012
16. Shine Pharmaceuticals Ltd M. Pharm. II 03.03.2012
17. Centurion Laboratories M. Pharm. II 03.03.2012
18. Rekvina Pharmaceuticals M. Pharm. II 21.03.2012
19. Mamta Pharmaceuticals M. Pharm. II 21.03.2012
20. Vasu Healthcare Ltd M. Pharm. II 27.03.2012
21. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd M. Pharm. II 29.03.2012
22. Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd M. Pharm. II 15.02.13
23. J. B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. B. Pharm. VIII 31.01.14
24. Centurion Laboratories Ltd., Savli B. Pharm. VI 22.02.14
25. Centurion Laboratories Ltd., Gorwa B. Pharm. IV 22.02.14
26. Kaptab Pharmaceuticals Ltd. B. Pharm. IV 22.02.14
27. Divine Laboratories Ltd. M. Pharm. II 27.02.14
28. Asian Lifecare Pvt.Ltd.,Vadodara B. Pharm. III 13.08.2014
29. Bharat Parenterals Ltd,Vadodara B. Pharm.
30. Zydus cadila healthcare centre, Dabhasa, Padra, Vadodara M. Pharm. I 02.12.2015
31. Vasu Helthcare Pvt.Ltd. Makarpura GIDC, Vadodara B. Pharm. VI 24.01.2015
32. Zydus Technologies Ltd.Ahmedabad. M. Pharm. IV 31.01.2015
33. Bharat Parenterals Ltd.Haripura, Vadodara B.Pharm IV 10.02.2015
34. J.B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Ankleshwar B. Pharm.
35. Centurion Laboratories, Gorwa, Vadodara B. Pharm.
36. SunPharmaceutical Industries Ltd.Silvassa B. Pharm.

Dr.Pathik Brahmkshatriya, Group Leader-Oxygen Healthcare Ltd.

Dr. Chirag Dholakia-Technical support Executive-Waters India Pvt.Ltd.

Dr. Kirti Patel –Associate Professor-Pharmacy Dept.MSU,Baroda

Dr.Deepak Jain-Manager –Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

Dr. P.Y Guru ,Ex-Research scientist and GM-Zydus Research Centre

Dr. M.C Gohel –PG Director-Anand Pharmacy College ,Anand

Dr. Mehul Thakkar. Associate Professor and University Placement Head, Navsari Agri. University

An expert talk on “Heart fullness Meditation: A Way to Regulate Mind” on 3rd July 2018

Academic Year: 2018-19

Sr. No Name of Guest Designation Organization Presentation Topic Date of Lecture
1. Mrs.  Ratna Roy Scientist-Clinical Pharmacology Shri Ramchandra Mission Heart fullness Meditation: A Way to Regulate Mind 03.07.2018
2. Ms .Swati Jain In-charge-T&P Department BITS Edu Campus Placement Counselling session 20.07.2018
3. Dr. Mahesh Burande Adjunct Professor, Hon. Director, IPER MCOPS, Manipal, Opportunities and Challenges in Pharma Profession 27.07.2018
4. Dr. Hardik Soni Senior manager,

R& D

Vasu Research Centre, Vadodara Advances in Herbal Drug Technology in Pharmaceutical Research 20.08 2018
5. Prof. Mohandas Hegde M.A, Ph.D       Director


Research Centre (Recognized by University of Mysore),Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, Bangalore Workshop on effective Teaching and Learning 12.09.2018
6. Mr. Aakash Shroff Senior Consultant Capegemini Cosulting,


Decision making and career motivation and finding purpose in life 22.09.2018
7. Faculty development program (Inhouse) Dr. Vandana Patel

Mr.Jitesh Jariwala

Ms.Esha Shah

Professor and Principal Teachers: A lifelong learner

Watch your breadth

Teachers as influencer

8. Dhruti Karelia Trainer Sound Healing and wellness centre You can do wonders with positivity 20.10.2018
9. Ms.Shivani Patel Executive MedKart Ltd, Vadodara Dignity of Pharmacy Profession 19.10.2018
10 Dr. Jigar Shah Consultant Homeopath Shreeji homoeopathic clinic Role of Homeopathic medicines in day to day life 09.02. 2019
11. Dr. Jignasa Shah Consultant Homeopath Shreeji homoeopathic clinic Role of Homeopathic medicines in day to day life 09.02. 2019

Academic Year: 2017-18

Sr. No Name of Guest Designation Organization Presentation Topic Date of Lecture
1. Dr. Hussain Attarwala Scientist-Clinical Pharmacology Alnylam Pharmaceuticals,USA Pharmacometrics in drug research 05.08.2017
2. Prof. M.M Patel Consulting Civil engineer Development of reading habits 05.08.2017
3. Mr. Piyush Lodhia Q.A Manager Nabros Pharma Ltd.Kheda,


Process Validation 24.08.2017
4. Mr.Mayank Gandhi Sr. Sales Manager Lab India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Demonstration of FTIR 12.09.2017
5. Dr.Rajkumar Malayndi Sr.Manager-Biopharmaceutics Sun Pharma Industries Ltd,Vadodara In-silico methods for modeling and simulations 14.10.2017
6. Mr. Mayur Parmar Gujarat Administrative Service FDA,Gujarat Post Graduation opportunities 06.01.2018

Academic Year: 2016-17

Sr. No. Name of Guest Designation Organization Presentation Topic Date of Lecture
1. Dr. Rishit Zalawadia Manager-Discovery Biology Sun Pharma. Advanced Research Centre, Vadodara Preclinical Studies: Industrial Perspectives 23.07.2016
2. Shri.S. Krishna Kumar Associate Director-Quality Biocon Ltd. Bengaluru. Recent Quality Techniques in Pharmaceutical Industry 27.07.2016
3. Mr. Preyas Prajapati Research Scientist Alembic Research Ltd. Vadodara Improvement of Quality Assurance in Pharma. Industry 29.07.2016
4. Dr. A.N Bhadalkar Sector Specialist Gujarat state Biotechnology mission Start –Up Programmes 03.08.2016
5. Mr. Rikin Gandhi Bioincubation Assistant Manager Gujarat state Biotechnology mission Bioenterpreneurial ecosystem 03.08.2016
6. Ms.Ritu Trivedi Knowledge and Technology Management Officer Gujarat state Biotechnology mission Biotechnology Ignition Grant 03.08.2016
7. Mr. Kamlesh Shah Ex-Jr Scientific Officer Food and drug laboratory, Vadodara Induction programme of B.Pharm sem-I 01.12.2016
8. Ms. Heena Thakkar Regulatory Affair Intern, Zimmer – Biomet,


“Higher studies in USA” 12.01.2017
9. Mr. Mayur Parmar Drug Inspector FDCA, Vadodara “How to prepare for GPAT 24.01.2017
Sr.No. Name of Expert Designation Industry Presentation topic Date of visit
1. Mr. Nishit Desai Vice – President, Power ABB, Vadodara Overall equipment effectiveness and benchmarking 09/03/2010
2. Dr. Nidhi Saxena Academic coordinator Xcellon Institute, Ahmedabad Clinical Research 07/04/2010
3. Shri Jagdish Shah Chief Consultant Pharma consultants Pharma Cluster 15/07/2010
4. Mr. Mayank Gandhi Sr. Sales Manager Lab India Analytical FTIR Spectorscopy 20/08/2010
5. Dr S G Das Director Akshaipatra Foundation Focus Symposium 25/08/2010
6. Dr U.M Upadhyay Principal Sigma Institute of Pharmacy Niper Review 13/09/2010
7. Mr Jalpan Shah Executive Zydus Vaxxicare Awareness programme on Vaccination 12/10/2010
8. Dr. Gaurang Shah Manager Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Awareness of Quality Assurance 28/10/2010
9. Mr. Sharath Executive Overseas Academy Awareness of Toefl 11/12/2010
10. Dr.   M.C. Gohel Principal L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad Experimental design 3/12/2010
11. Dr. Dipankar Bhadra Sr. Executive Sun Pharma Advance Research Centre, Vadodara Preformulation Development 3/12/2010
12. Dr. M. R. Yadav HOD, Pharmacy Department M.S. University, Vadodara Structure Elucidation of Organic Compounds 3/12/2010
13. Dr. Bhaswat Chakraborty GM Cadila Pharma Ltd ,Dholka, Ahmedabad Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics 4/12/2010
14. Dr. Milan Satia CEO Ethicare Clinical Trial Services, Ahmedabad Innovations in Clinical Research 4/12/2010
15. Dr  Madhav Marathe Vice President Sunpharma Advance Research centre Toxicology 06/04/2011
16. Dr. C. V. S. Subramanyam Professor G.R.R. College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad Quality by design 2/12/2011
17. Dr.  Madhav Marathe Head-Toxicology Sun Pharma Advance Research centre Role of Quality Assurance in Pharmacology 2/12/2011
18. Dr. J.B. Dave Director – PG Shri Sarvajanic Pharmacy College,Mahesana Quality RiskManagement  and quality system in the Pharmaceutical development 2/12/2011
19. Dr. S. Goswami Clinical Research Expert Synergicus Research Solutions, Ahemedabad Quality Assuarance in Clinical Research 2/12/2011
20. Dr. Tushar Mehta Team Lead Asia Pacific. Thermofisher Scientific,Ahmedabad US Pharmacopoeia and Case studies 3/12/2011
21. Dr. Ajay Khopade Senior General Manager Sunpharma Advance Research centre Drug development based on pharmaceutical product quality assurance 3/12/2011
22. Dr. A.N Misra Dean,  Faculty of technology & Engg. M.S. University, Vadodara Statistical Quality control of Controlled release formulation 3/12/2011
23. Ms. J.N. Oza G.M Operation Vasu healthcare Pvt ltd, Vadodara Pharmaceutical quality system 3/12/2011
24. Dr. C.J Shishoo Hon.Director B.V Patel  PERD centre,Ahmedabad Quality Assurance in Drug Discovery 3/12/2011
25. Dr. B.Chakraborty Senior Vice Prsident, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Dholka Quality Assurance in clinical trials 2/11/2012
26. Dr. P.U. Patel Prof & HOD-Dept of Quality Assurance Responsibility of a QA Person S.K Patel college of Pharm Edu and Research,Mehsana 2/11/2012
27. Dr. D. Rajkaundaliya P.G Dept of Statistics S.P.  University, Anand Statistics in Pharm Research 2/11/2012
28. Dr. S. Goswami CEO & Managing Director Synergicus Research Solutions, Ahemedabad Quality Assurance in drug development: A bird’s eye view 3/11/2012
29. Dr. D.D. Santani Director Rofel,.M Bilakhia College of Pharmacy,Gujarat BA and  BE Studies 3/11/2012
30. Dr. Manoj Patel General Manager, Quality Assurance Sun Pharma Advance Research centre Computer system validation 3/11/2012
31. Mr. K.M Panchal GM-Quality Assurance J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Formulation Development and Product manufacturing 26/7/2013
32. Dr. R.K. Maheshwari Professor Department of Pharmacy S.G.S.I.T.S. Indore. Novel applications of Hydrotrophic solubilisation in Pharmaceutical Analysis 26/7/2013
33. Dr. Satish Yashwant Gabhe Professor -Pharmaceutical Chemistry Poona College of Pharmacy Bharati Vidyapeeth University Importance of spectral techniques in drug design / discovery 26/7/2013
34. Dr Saranjit Singh Professor and Head- Pharm. Analysis National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) S.A.S. Nagar, Punjab. Quality Assurance Issue in Formulation Development: Role of Academia 27/7/2013
35. Dr. Manish A. Rachchh
Associate Professor Center for Pharmaceutical Studies & Drug Delivery Technologies,
Gujarat Technological University (GTU)
Importance of IPR in Drug Discovery & Development 27/7/2013
36. Dr Pankaj Tripathi (M. Pharm PhD) Dept. of Pharmacology, SKPCPER,
Ganpat Vidyanagar,
Mehsana, Gujarat, India
Genotoxicity Testing: A Regulatory Requirement for Drug Discovery and Development 26/7/2013
37. Dr. Rishit Zalawadia Assistant Manager-R & D (Pharmacology) Sun Pharma Advance Research Company Ltd., Vadodara, Gujarat, India Preclinical Studies: Animal Model Development in Drug Discovery 26/7/2013
38. Dr. Mandar Oak SAS Certified Programmer, Biosphere Institute,
Application of SAS in Clinical Research with Demo Case Studies 26/7/2013
39. Mr. Vishwanath Pawar Principal S40.cientist, Pharmacology & Toxicology Zydus Research Centre, Ahmedabad Safety Pharmacology: Regulatory Expectations and Approaches 27/7/2013
40. Dr. Satish Yashwant Gabhe Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Poona College of Pharmacy Bharati Vidyapeeth University Spectroscopic Interpretation 19/11/2013 &
41. Dr. Ashwin B. Rao Associate Vice president, Business Development Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. A Brief on Intellectual property with special reference to Patents &
OB Patents
42 Mr. Hitesh G. Raval Assistant Professor Anand Pharmacy College Basic Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Practicals 27.08.14
43 Dr. Mukesh C. Gohel PG Director Anand Pharmacy College Screening of Significant Factors and Levels based on factorial design and Optimization studies using RSM 12.08.14
44 Dr. S. Y. Gabhe Professor & Head Poona College of Pharmacy, Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 21.08.14
45 Dr. S. Y. Gabhe Professor & Head Poona College of Pharmacy, Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University Easy Ways to Remember Nomenclature and SN1 and SN2 reactions 21.08.14
46 Mr. K. M. Panchal General Manager, QA J. B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Justification of Rationale for M. Pharm. Research 30.08.14
47 Dr. S. Y. Gabhe Professor & Head Poona College of Pharmacy, Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University Mass Spectroscopy and Interpretation of Spectral data 28.11.14
48 Mr. Harsh Panchal Senior Executive – QA Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Expectations from Corporates of Pharmaceutical Industries 05.01.15
49 Dr. Mukesh C. Gohel PG Director Anand Pharmacy College Panaromic View of Pharmaceutical PAT 30.01.15
50 Mr. K. M. Panchal General Manager, QA J. B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. An Introduction to QbD and PAT 30.01.15
51 Dr. Sadhana J. Rajput Professor The M. S. University, Baroda Implementation of QbD in Analytical Method Development 30.01.15
52 Dr. Hardik Soni Assistant Manager Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Quality Assurance in Herbal Formulations 03.02.15
53 Mr. Chirag Dholakiya Technical Support executive Waters India Pvt. Ltd. Assistant manager – Marketing 18.02.15
54 Mr. Chirag Khambhati Senior Product Specialist Waters India Pvt. Ltd. Evolution in new technology in Chromatography 18.02.15
55 Mr.Pathik Brahmkshatriya Group Leader Oxygen healthcare research Overseas research opportunity in Pharmacy and Identifying and executing a research project 30.03.2015