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The importance of modern method of Personnel Management is being increasingly realized in industrial and non-industrial organizations, such as educational institutes, both in India and abroad.

This Institute has thus put into practice, the modern methods of Human Resources (HR) Management for tackling the tasks of selection of competent and relevant persons for teaching and administrative functions, retaining them, keeping up their motivation and morale and helping them to grow and contribute their best to achieve the cherished goals of the Institute. The most competent persons are selected by a prescribe selection committee including the experts in the related field on the basis of their past academic record, experience, inter-personal human relations and communication skills, The role of HR management does not rest here.

The Institute peers act thereafter as mentors to assist the recruits in their defined functions, attempt to remove difficulties and shortfalls, if any by guiding them and subjecting them to additional training. Emphasis is given to their interpersonal human behavior for smooth absorption in the existing organizational family subjecting them to code of conduct. Weekly meetings are held between teachers and department heads and also between department heads, Principal and Director for enhancing closer affinity among them, sorting out issues and smooth and silent functioning of the administration. Their performance is appraised annually by the hierarchy of Department Head, Principal, Director & Management. The old concept of evaluating on the basis of confidential Report (CR) is no longer in vogue in the modern context.

The modern Performance Appraisal System (PAS) involves feedback from employees and free and frank discussion across the table between appraise and appraiser, with a view to appreciate strong points of this performance and to assist in correcting deficiency / shortfalls, if any and encouraging them to perform better in future by providing opportunities for growth.

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