Patents filed

Sr. No. Application Number Filing Date Applicants Inventors Title of Invention Status (Applied / Published / Granted)
1. 1340/MUM/2014 11.04.2014 Prachi Pandey,

Dr. S S Pancholi

Prachi Pandey,

Dr. S S Pancholi

Novel topical composition of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Published
2. 3214/MUM/2014 9.10.2014 Dr. Vandana B Patel, Niral Parikh, Prachi Pandey Dr. Vandana B Patel Oral Aerosol of Vardenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Published
3. 1964/MUM/2015 19.05.2015 Dr. Vandana B Patel Dr. Vandana B Patel,

Roshni Amin

Novel oral solid dosage form of herbal anti-oxidants Published
4. 201621016158 09.05.2016 Shri Dhruv Patel Karishma patel, Dr. Naazneen surti Viscosupplementary drug delivery system of simvastatin Published
5. 201621016150 09.05.2016 Shri Dhruv Patel Kushan shah,

Dr. Naazneen surti

Vaginal drug delivery system of metronidazole and clotrimazole. Published
6. 201721013027 11.04.2017 Shri Dhruv Patel Manisha Lalan,

Aparna Prasad

Microneedle assisted transdermal delivery of buspirone Published
7. 201821000775 8.01.2018 Shri Dhruv Patel Dr. Prachi Pandey,        Yesha Patel Penetration enhancer containing vesicles as carriers for topical delivery of Curcumin for psoriasis Published
8. 201821046134 06/12/2018 Shri Dhruv Patel Dr. Prachi Pandey,        Udit Vyas Elastic vesicles containing corticosteroid as carrier for topical delivery in Psoriasis Published
9. 201921019830 20/05/2019 Shri Dhruv Patel Dr. Prachi Pandey, Hardik Shah Depofoam based formulation of corticosteroid for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis Applied
10. 201921019637 15/07/2019 Shri Dhruv Patel and Dr.Vandana B.Patel Dr.Vandana B.Patel and Ms. Ayushi Tewari Estimation of cancer Biomarker in Human tear Applied
11. 202021003722 28/01/2020 Shri Dhruv Patel and Dr.Vandana B.Patel Dr.Vandana B.Patel & Ms.Jyotiben Patel Sublingual dosage form of an antiemetic drug Applied



Name of Faculty Grants Fetched Sponsor Body Year
Dr. Prachi Pandey
Dr. S. S. Pancholi
Rs. 14,50,000/- AICTE 2014
Dr. Vandana B. Patel Rs. 66,000/- GUJCOST 2015
Dr. Vandana B. Patel Rs. 2,50,000/- GUJCOST 2015
Dr. Sangeetha Rajbanshi Rs. 3,00,000/- GUJCOST 2016
Dr. Naazneen Surti
Dr. Meenakshi Patel
Rs.1,10,000/- GUJCOST 2017


Sr. No. Title Project Coordinator Sponsored by
1. Animal and microbial study of the product “Green Clean” Dr. Vandana
B. Patel,
Ms. Meenakshi Patel,Ms. Deepti K. Jani
Shukla Ashar Impex Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot
2. Pharmacological Investigation into In-vitro Anti-spasmodic Activity of ‘Caspa’ Drops (Export only) Ms. Deepti K. Jani Vasu Research Centre, Vadodara
3. Pharmacological evaluation of Spark capsule (an ayurvedic proprietary medicine) on reproductive functions of male rats Ms. Deepti K. Jani Vasu Research Centre, Vadodara
4. Oral toxicity study and efficacy evaluation of proprietary ayurvedic tablet in Polycystic ovary syndrome Dr. Vandana
B. Patel and
Ms. Deepti K. Jani
Vasu Research Centre, Vadodara


Sr. No. Students Mentor Grant Fetched Year
1. Ms. Esha Shah Dr. Ashok Mahajan Rs. 1,50,000/- 2019
2. Mr. Hardik shah Dr. Prachi Pandey Rs.1,40,000/- 2019
3. Neelam Fatema Mirza, Payal Parmar, Ayushi Tewari, Shivani Shardhara Dr.Vanadana B.Patel Rs.1,00,000/- 2019
4. Ms.Anjali Teli,

Ms.Ruchita Kadam, Ms.Maanika Menon

Dr. Manisha Lalan,

Dr. Deepti Jani

Rs.1,00,000/- 2019
5. Rushi Trivedi

Janvi Modi

Dr. Meenakshi Patel Rs.1,00,000/- 2019
6. Vaishnavi Patel,Riyani Dhara,Chavda Dolly, Dr. Naazneen Surti Rs. 97,000/- 2019
7. Nirav Chauhan

Hetangi Chauhan

Dr. Naazneen Surti Rs. 2,00,000/- 2019
7. Jyoti Jha Dr. Priyal Patel Rs. 75,000/- 2019
  • A faculty member of Babaria Institute of Pharmacy Dr. Prachi Pandey Completed the PG Diploma in Patents laws from National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR University), Hyderabad and bagged 1st rank in India with A++ grades and then qualified the Patent agent exam,2019 conducted by Indian Patent office, govt. of India and got her name registered in the official gazette of India for filing and prosecuting patent applications in India.

  • A project titled “Novel Carrier Systems For Targeted Drug Delivery In The Treatment of Arthritis” undertaken at BITS edu campus by Dr.Prachi Pandey, a faculty member of Babaria Institute of Pharmacy was shortlisted among top innovations of India in year 2015. She received appreciation award from Dr.Y.S Rajan, distinguished Scientist-Indian Space Research Organization.

  • Ms. Ashwini Patel and Dr. Manisha Lalan have received second prize in paper presentation for research work entitled “Dissolution Enhancement of Nisoldipine using Porous Carrier” at international conference GTU ICON 2019 on 15th March 2019.

  • Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara received GTU Innovation Council -i2i (Innovate to Impact) Award 2016 on 5th GTU Innovation council Sankul day organized on 14th February, 2016, at Ahmedabad. The Team of Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara, Prachi Pandey and Dr. Vandana B. Patel and got the first rank for their contribution in creating Novel carrier systems for targeted drug delivery in the treatment of Arthritis.

  • Project appreciated and selected as a potential startup for support by a panel of experts and entrepreneurs from different facets such as healthcare, law, finance, marketing etc at World’s longest and biggest Sayaji Startup Summit, Vadodara in two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018.

  • The project of Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara on “Detection and Protection mask” has been selected in “Breakthrough Accelerator” scheme for fast track research grant of Rs 2 lacs with further assistance of upto 5 lacs for proof of concept creation along with biotechnology laboratory support on 4th May, 2020. 

The funding and supporting agencies are Gujarat University startup and entrepreneurship council in partnership with UNICEF, Government of India and Government of Gujarat, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Smart City agencies.

Team name: BAN CORONA
Mentor: Dr. Prachi Pandey & Ms. Esha Shah
Mr. Rutvik Patel
Ms. Shikha Kadakia
Ms. Rutvi Patel
Ms. Pal Patel
Mr. Dan Dsouza
Mr. Harsh Darji
Mr.Milin Thakkar

  • Three projects of Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara to fight Covid-19 has been selected in “GTU-SSIP” scheme for mentoring and funding support on 14th May,2020.



  • Webinar delivered on “Patent, Copyright and Trademark:Know-how for Innovations and startups” for Dr. S & S.S Ghandhy Govt. Engineering College, Surat: SSIP and Design Innovation centre on 9th May,2020. Nearly 250 participants from all over India joined through webex meeting and facebook live.



  • Completed course on Ecosystem development by Global Startup commons: Ecosystem development Academy. The course has been arranged by Director-Higher Education, Gujarat govt for selected SSIP Coordinators of SSIP grantee Institutes.



  • Organized webinar on overview of “Intellectual Property Rights Law, Significance and Importance” by Mr. Pratik Chaudhari, Advocate and Intellectual Property Attorney, Y.J Trivedi and Co, Ahmedabad on 11th May,2020

  • Organizing webinar series on “ Startup and Enrepreneurship” starting from 23rd May,2020 by Mr. Ketan Naik, Chief Executive, Astral Steritech Ltd, Vadodara on the topic” Scope of Entrepreneurship in the new economic era post Covid-19” and on 30th May,2020 by Dr. Shrenik Shah, Director, Montage Laboratories, Himatnagar on topic” Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship”

Webinar by Mr. Ketan Naik, Chief Executive, Astral Steritech Ltd, Vadodara on 23rd May,2020


 Webinar by Dr. Shrenik Shah, Director, Montage Laboratories, Himatnagar  on    “Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship” on 30th May,2020